Vitality as an HR challenge

Vitality as an HR challenge

The Workplace Vitality Hub, in collaboration with the High Tech Campus, is organizing the roundtable "Vitality as a task for HR.

Date: 10 July 2023
Time: 15:30 - 17:30 hours
Location: HTC-85, Workplace Vitality Hub

In today's fast-paced and demanding work environment, employee wellness and health are increasingly demanding attention. The role of vitality and its positive impact on employees, teams and the overall success of an organization requires securing it in organizations. HR seems the obvious party to take up this challenge. This is why we are organizing a roundtable, asking a panel of HR leaders to share their challenges and experiences.

The event will offer an insight into initial results of research on vitality and health implementation issues that exist within companies, followed by an interactive session with renowned HR professionals with experience in workplace wellness.


15.30: Interim research findings, by Frank Bauman (Fontys Sporthogeschool)

At the beginning of April '23 a research project was started from the lectorate of Fontys Sporthogeschool, into vitality and health implementation issues that exist within companies. The aim is to find a method that can stimulate further implementation of vitality programs at companies in the Brainport region (but also beyond).

15.45: Interactive roundtable

Interactive roundtable moderated by Eveline Kersten (Social Innovation Center Work Happiness), with 4 panelists:

  • Marjolein Janssen, Program Manager Health and Wellbeing (Philips)

  • Peter Vossen, Director of HR (Ergon)

  • Mariska Baauw, Wellbeing specialist at ASML

  • Marielle Volleberg, HR Director (imec)

Topics included:

  • The role of a vitality manager and associated responsibilities.

  • Possible barriers in implementing vitality programs.

  • Measuring effectiveness of vitality programs.

  • Key trends or innovations.

16.45: Inventory, moderated by Marieke van Beurden (TU/e):
  • Is there a need to create a network of HR/vitality managers?

  • What topics would be relevant?

17.00: Networking drinks

We believe this event will provide valuable insights, practical tips and inspiring stories that can shed light on the role of vitality and well-being in your workplace. It is also an excellent opportunity to network with like-minded professionals from the (Brainport) region

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