About us

In the past decades our lives have changed more rapidly than ever. New technologies have played a major role, but have also had a negative impact on our vitality at work: our physical inactivity has increased and we still suffer from stress more often. However, these (digital) technologies can also be applied to enhance the vitality in our working life and environment in a smart, personalised manner.

To boost the vitality of working people in a positive way, partners Fontys, imec, TNO, TU/e, HTCE and Twice have founded the Workplace Vitality Hub. Home of the hub is High Tech Campus 85, a smart office in which the founding partners – together with business partners – combine their extensive knowledge and experience to create real, innovative and efficient solutions for a more vital working environment.

Smart application of technology to enhance vitality

At HTC 85, we research and develop new technologies and their applications in a real-life office setting (living lab), with a focus on people at work and their wishes and requirement. Through the application of smart (intuitive) technologies we aim to improve the vitality of our employees and to make buildings a healthier place to work. The results: improved performance of people, buildings and businesses.

Creating impact through cooperation

The unique way in which the research and business partners complement each other enables us to get the whole value chain involved, from innovation to (new) business development, creating a connected, strong and open innovation system at a concrete location. This location can be used to experiment, develop, research and showcase, creating both regional and international impact, economically as well as socially.

Please contact us the explore the possibilities of participating in the Hub.