Founding partners

The Workplace Vitality Hub is a cooperation between the following partners:


Jeroen Groenen

Beyond Eyes

“Actively participating in and contributing to new and proven innovations that enhance the vitality of the people that use the building, makes the Workplace Vitality Hub a unique cooperation initiative in our eyes, which should lead to ground-breaking solutions that contribute to our goal: building happy people."

Remmelt van der Woude


"By experimenting together in a combined ecosystem of technology and end-users we accelerate the time to market."

Filip Roscam


"This opportunity of cross pollination between industries is not only an interesting one, but will almost certainly bring about new insights that will improve the wellbeing of employees."

Michele Periquet en Firouze Zeroual

Reset Yourself

“Reset Yourself is a science-based personalised health tech solution. We love to collaborate with like minded people to find different and better ways to improve vitality. And find solutions from the core and not just bandaids. We are stronger together."

Rob van Gemert


“Spacewell is very enthusiastic about this project. We are convinced that, together with the other partners, we can develop complementary solutions that will help companies create vital working environments."

Erik Plasmans

Zens Wireless Charging

“Zens’ vision: seeing the whole picture, while focussing on part of it. We cooperate with other companies to create a better, healthier and more vital workplace through our innovations."

Peter van Vliet & Stijn van Arendonk

Hago Next

“The Hub is a strong partnership between equals in which every partner contributes its own speciality and expertise towards the same goal: the vital workplace."

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