Founding partners

The Workplace Vitality Hub is a cooperation between the following partners:


Our partnerships allow us to leverage the strengths and expertise of each party involved. By collaborating with these partners we strive to offer comprehensive solutions for enhancing physical and mental vitality at the workplace to achieve long-term business goals.

Our partners bring about a range of benefits, from increased efficiency and shared resources to access to new markets and enhanced innovation.

Bas Habets
“Our cooperating with the Workplace Vitality Hub and all its partners allows
us to optimise the interaction between the work environment and the employee,
which stimulates healthy behaviour."
Gerard Huiskes
“We believe a vitalizing work environment attracts talent and inspires
employees - crucial factors for the success of a company.”
Patrick van Geffen
"We start from the idea that facilities management can be smarter,
more efficient and sustainable. Without losing sight of the needs of the users.
losing sight of the needs of the users. That ranges from the right desks to a moving
indoor climate. We call this flexible facility management. That is why
The partnership with Workplace Vitality Hub makes sense to us.
Innovating together and learning from each other, so that we can apply new technologies and
solutions directly into practice."
Remmelt van der Woude
"By experimenting together in a combined ecosystem of technology and end-users we accelerate the time to market."
Filip Roscam
"This opportunity of cross pollination between industries is not only an
interesting one, but will almost certainly bring about new insights that
will improve the wellbeing of employees."
Robert Ranzijn
"We want to see how our proposition can stimulate exercise at work to
create an optimal user experience. That is why we partnered up with the Workplace
Vitality Hub, where new technologies in the field of vitality come together."
George Schoof
"We believe people get more out of life if they have responsible eating
and drinking habits.”
Michele Periquet & Firouze Zeroual
“Reset Yourself is a science-based personalised health-tech solution. We love
to collaborate with like-minded people to find different and better ways to
improve vitality. We want to find solutions to actual problems, and not just
patch up the symptoms. We are stronger together."
Erik Plasmans
“Zens’ vision: seeing the whole picture, while focussing on part of it.
We cooperate with other companies to create a better, healthier and more
vital workplace through our innovations"
"The world is looking for sustainable, timeless surface solutions with a positive
impact on people and their living environment."
"Through a number of assessment tools, we capture the feelings of employees
about how effectively the work environment they use supports them. Performance
is then compared against the world's largest database of its kind on office and
home working."

Do you, as an organisation, want to contribute?

Please contact us. We look forward to your innovative contribution.