Employee vitality plays a large role in the success of organisations. A physically and mentally vital workforce requires regular exercise, but digitisation and the hybrid way of working make it harder and harder for employers to contribute to this.

Fittar has created a unique solution to activate their employees in a fun, accessible way, both at home and on the work floor: the Fittar Playground.

It’s a combination of innovative hardware and virtual content of interactive Exer games and over 1,500 on-demand fitness videos. This virtual environment can be adjusted to any company’s look & feel. Own contentcan also be uploaded to create even more interaction with employees around the theme of vitality.

Robert Ranzijn, CEO Fittar

"We would like to investigate how we can stimulate exercise in the workplace by using the content of our Smart Box to create an optimal user experience. This is our reason for being a partner in the Workplace Vitality Hub, where new technologies in the field of vitality come together. Building on the knowledge and experience of the hub’s founding partners we can create innovative and effective solutions for a vital working environment. The Hub is an ideal partner for us and a logical step towards success!”