eyrise® improves the office environment through the use of dynamic privacy glass. It provides permanent access to sunlight, at the same time providing sun protection and privacy. Ideal for a healthy office environment.

Switch easily between social interaction or privacy

More than ever, the office is a place to meet other people. Social contact and cooperation result in new ideas. So no more pigeonholing. Or should we? Sometimes you need a hole or corner to think, or you need a space to confidentially share those new ideas. eyrise® i350 Invisible Privacy Glazing behaves like normal glass, until you switch it to translucent privacy glass in a single second, based on a layer of liquid crystals inside the glass.

The key to sustainability

eyrise® solar shading glass based on liquid crystals switches to a darker shade as sunlight increases. Why is that more sustainable? Because eyrise® does not have a mechanical sun protection system that demands constant maintenance, but it does prevent heat from penetrating a building, reducing the need for CO2 emitting cooling systems. The office environment created also reduces absenteeism.