Beyond Eyes

Beyond Eyes offers a total solution for smart building management. With experts in building design, energy management, vitality, sustainability and cleaning. We do this by smartly designing a sustainable and healthy work environment.

The smart eyes of your building

Beyond Eyes, an initiative of Heijmans and CSU, believes that everyone is entitled to a healthy, safe and sustainable working environment that is continuously improved. We achieve this through the combination of smart technology, data, advice and execution. Our services are the smart eyes of your building. A technological addition that reaches further than the human eye can see. We see where to clean, which rooms are occupied, where the air quality needs to be optimized and where energy can be saved. This is how we create an environment in which everyone wants to stay and work. Because that's what we do: Building Happy People.

We have four services: BE Equipped for a (work) environment appropriate to the activities), BE Energized for a (work) environment that uses energy sustainably and responsibly, BE Clean for a data-driven view of cleaning and cleaning, BE Vital for a healthy building with comfortable climate that contributes to the vitality of everyone.

Get more out of your building users

Improve the indoor climate of your building. Right conditions increase well-being, satisfaction and productivity. With BE Vital you control it.

Healthy air and a pleasant temperature. These are important conditions for satisfied and healthy building users. And therefore powerful catalysts for increasing output and decreasing absenteeism. Do you know how your building scores in these areas?

BE Vital gives you insight into the temperature, humidity and CO₂ levels in rooms. Sensors monitor whether building users can stay and work under the right conditions. Insight into the data and experiences of users, together with support and adjustment suggestions from our experts, help you to improve the indoor climate. On the spot, on demand. How convenient.