Ahrend creates vitalizing work environments and high-quality furniture lines that are delivered to customers worldwide.

The furniture lines and space solutions are designed to inspire employees and improve their productivity and wellbeing. The products excel in sustainability, with a timeless Dutch Design.

A comfortable place to work

With the increased hybrid way of working, a quiet space to join an online call has become essential in many organisations. With the Qabin Collection you can create private spaces in an open office plan. Each box is a comfortable place to work, where one or two employees can isolate themselves from the environment. For an online call, a meeting, or to concentrate on work.

Gerard Huiskes, Innovation Manager:

“A healthy and inspiring work environment increase employees’ happiness, health and productivity. As an experienced international office decorator, we have acquired extensive knowledge on designing vitalising work environments. We see that many Ahrend innovations and smart technologies seamlessly meet the wishes and requirements of end users. We aim to substantiate our experience with both scientific and our own research.”

“We are convinced that the results from the research performed at the Workplace Vitality Hub will help us improve our own products and services and that we can develop solutions with the other partners to help companies create a more vital work environment.”