Invitation 30 November

The Step to a Healthier Workplace

Date: Thursday 30 November
Time: 15.30 - 17.30
Location: Fontys Sporthogeschool - Theo Koomenlaan 3, Eindhoven

We are organising our next event together with The Step (De Stap naar Gezonder) on 30 November: the Step to a Healthier Workplace. The program of the day:

  • Introduction by honorary chair Roos Fleuren (DELA)

  • Welcome by host location

  • Research results: the inhibiting and supporting factors in vitality programs – how do we deal with this in practice? By Frank Bauman (Fontys Sporthogeschool)

  • Case: A practical approach on how to go about the topic of health and vitality. By Monique Boetzket (Arte)

  • Case: Vitality – from analysis to design, with the commitment of your employees. By Bas Habets (ONVZ)

  • Update The Step to a Healthier Workplace (DE STAP naar gezonder op het werk): how do we connect? By Marieke van Beurden (TU/e, Workplace Vitality Hub) and Colette de Vries (Program Director Precies!)

  • Work Walk

  • Open space, including a co-creative session on vitality in the workplace and a ‘get moving’ toolbox

  • Closing and drinks

The Step to a Healthier Workplace

Employers play a crucial role in the vitality of their employees. That is why Eric van Schagen (CEO Simac) and Edzo Doeve (CEO DELA) took the initiative to investigate what companies, great and small, need to embed vitality in their own organisation. Last year, this lead to ‘The Step to a Healthier Workplace’ initiative. In addition to Simac and DELA, Ergon, the Catharina hospital, the Fontys Academy and the Workplace Vitality Hub participate in this initiative, among others.