On 20 and 21 September the Real Estate & Building Futureproof will take place. An annual event with a focus on the future of construction and real estate. The festival offers a platform for professionals and experts from the industry to share knowledge, to gain new insights and to discuss about the opportunities and challenges that arise in the fast-changing world of real estate and construction.

The REBF festival hosts a number of activities, such as round tables, prominent keynote speakers, workshops, awards and excursions, all aimed at exploring innovative approaches and solutions for the sector. The purpose? Contributing to the development of a sustainable and future-proof construction and real estate industry. The divers programme bodes well for a dynamic and valuable event.

The Workplace Vitality Hub will host two knowledge sessions during the REBF Festival 2023:

The healthy workplace

Our (working) environment can contribute to our health and feeling of wellbeing. Big leaps forward can certainly be made.

Category: Work environment

Date: 20 September 2023

Time: 11:15 hrs

Room: The Oprah

Members discussion panel: 

  • Marieke van Beurden - Moderator - Eindhoven University of Technology

  • Lotte Janssen - Arcadis

  • Aad Vredenbregt - Vitality Hub

  • Michiel Otto - HEVO | Experts in housing and real estate

  • Arjan Dingste - UNStudio

  • Gerrit-Jan Teunissen - TRAJECT Advisors & Managers

Healthy buildings, what do they look like?

“A building that accommodates the neurological, biological, psychological, cognitive and sociological needs of humans” - Sophie Schuller

Category: Sustainability

Date: 20 September 2023

Time: 13:45 hrs

Room: Brightlab

Members discussion panel: 

  • Aad Vredenbregt - Vitality Hub

  • Asaël Akkerman - Spacewell

  • Florijn Vriend - EDGE

  • Jella Segers – NatureConnects by Signify

  • Sophie Schuller – Cushman and Wakefield