Start new students

In September, it’s all about connecting. New students enter our hub and join a very diverse group of like-minded souls. Together, they share a common goal: creating a working environment that unites technology and wellbeing.


September begins with a warm welcome to all the new students who will start with their research project or thesis in our hub. An opportunity to ask questions, participate in discussions and be inspired by their curiosity.

In a ‘vital’ setting, the students can get acquainted with the branch that they may end up working in after graduation. De research assignment offers a practical learning environment with the opportunity to learn about various research methods and multi-disciplinary forms of cooperation.

Onderzoeksproject of afstudeerstage

In this phase, the students are supported on a personal level. This gives them the chance to select the theme of their research project, to learn from other disciplines and to develop their professional skills and personal interests. They will also have the opportunity to expand their network, as they are part of a project team that consists of students from different subject areas, such as Industrial Design, Master Healthy Ageing, Human Resource Management, Applied Psychology, Data Science, Architecture and Sports Science.

We kick off on September 6th, when students will be introduced to the Hub and its "Challenges". On September 14th, it will be up to the students to pitch their chosen topic to the Hub's partners.

Would you like to be at the forefront of combining technology and health advancement? As a student at the Workplace Vitality Hub you work alongside top experts in the research into innovative solutions for a more vital working environment. This is a unique chance to gain practical experience and expand your professional network.

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